Who We Are

We Are Sweet As Travel

and we love to travel.

Because travel’s not just in our nature, it’s in our blood. Starting off as strangers & leaving like family is our forté. Our tours of New Zealand go beyond just ‘ticking the boxes’, tagging photos or doing things for the sake of it.

It’s our goal to immerse you in everything the world has to offer, change your views, throw you out of your comfort bubble & embrace your fears. Make you realize that life’s too short to wait for things to happen, so live it out loud, exposed & try everything once.

Don’t quit your day dream!

Join our epic tours of New Zealand and be apart of our story! Break down the stereotypes and misconceptions that people are different, unique & more importantly, equal. Same same but different, right? We’ll walk you in their shoes, learn their culture, religion, way of life & recognize that although the world looks big, it’s a lot smaller than you think.

In essence, travelling’s an experience you can’t put a price on. It’s the people you meet, the sunsets you watch & the nights you dance away for the memories you’ll remember for a lifetime. It’s moments that can change your entire perspective, goals & life.

That’s our philosophy & WHO WE ARE.

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