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Having travelled far and wide, here are our top 5 sweet spots around New Zealand.


No.1 Milford Sound

Known as the 8th wonder of the world, Milford Sound crowns the top of our list by a long shot. Found at the bottom of the South Island, these glacier-carved mountains & rivers are home to jagged cliffs, cascading waterfalls, clouds low enough to touch and a myriad of wildlife.

Really a Fiord, Milford’s beauty lies deep in the atmosphere it creates. Whether you’re up at first light or cruising towards the sunset, rain or shine, you won’t be disappointed.


No.2 Abel Tasman

If you thought the Coromandel was pretty, think again! Coming in at number #2, nowhere quite matches the beauty of Abel Tasman National Park. Found at the North Western tip of the South Island, this South Island classic blesses you with golden beaches, rich vegetation and bright blue waters.

As part of one of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’, get up close amongst the dolphins and seals hiking or sea-kayaking around endless coves, bays and immaculate beaches.


No.3 Queenstown

In at number #3, the adventure capital of the world, Queenstown! Home to one of the world’s largest bungy jumps, picturesque as it is energetic, there’s no hiding from adrenaline junkies in this town.

Surrounded by white tipped mountains and beautiful lakes, take on a Fergburger, race a friend down the luge or jet ride through the Shotover Canyon, ‘cause whether you’re down for its buzzing nightlife or up for extreme snow sports, Queenstown’s got it all.


No.4 Wellington

If you haven’t already blown over, up at #4 is the capital, Wellington. Known as the windy city, Wellington sits on top of the Cook Strait, found at the bottom of the North Island. Quirky, arty and full of character, Welly’s chilled atmosphere, stunning promenade and vibrant nightlife puts you no further than a gust of wind from the action.

Home to more restaurants per square metre than NYC, Welly’s caked in funky side streets, awesome pop-up restaurants and weekend markets to forever keep you entertained. With spectacular panoramic views from Mt Victoria, catch a ride up the famous Cable Car for the Botanical Gardens or take a unique behind the scenes look into how the Weta Workshop’s played a part in Hollywood’s biggest films!


No.5 Bay of Islands

And finally at #5, the angelic Bay of Islands. Arguably one of the best places in the Northland, the 144 islands in the bay lie between the Cape Brett and Purerua Peninsula.

Renown for its picturesque bays, laidback atmosphere, and fantastic local fish n chips, the bay is ideal for fishing, sailing and diving. All without disappointment, explore the waterfalls and hot springs around the area, sail out and catch a glimpse of a dolphin by the Hole In The Rock or night-kayak to experience the magic of the bioluminescence.

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