Sweet Principles

What we believe

Fun isn’t fun unless everyone’s on the same page. That’s why we’ve laid out a few principles so you have a sweet time.

Safety first

We know better than anyone that when it comes to having fun, safety comes first. Through our Reps and affiliates, we create a safe environment where people can be themselves.

We’re not here to babysit, but we do adopt a level of responsibility when it comes to your well-being. So from headwear to footwear, we won’t tell you twice!

Know your limits

Let’s be honest guys, we all know our limits. Now, we’re no fun police, but we’re not afraid to tell you when you step out of line or had too much.

It’s our job to make sure you’re having the time of your life, but that means all of you. So what might seem fun for you, might not be the shared opinion amongst your buddies.

Break from tradition

They say travel broadens the mind, to us, that’s just a fancy way of realising your do’s and don’ts. You’re in this just like the rest of us, so whatever your comfort-zone, find out what you’re capable of!


Wherever you’re from or whatever story, we can’t always have your back. So your trip doesn’t turn south, here’s a few obvious tips to keep those smiles on your face:

1. Don’t flash your cash. You might think it’s cool, others think it’s easy.
2. Lock up your valuables. Most hostels provide baggage rooms or lockers.
3. Keep an eye on your belongings. Goes without saying. Not everyone’s kind enough to hand them in.

Early birds

Definitely catch the worm. Unless a hangover’s got the best of you, there’s no excuses. Rise at the crack of dawn to get front row seats to the greatest sunrises, all before the crowds.

Meet the locals

Breakout from the travelers and start up a conversation with the locals as people enrich your travels more than sights do.

Keep an open mind

Don’t judge the lifestyles of others around you, listen to opinions you don’t agree with and put yourself in their shoes. Embrace all the possibilities, different opportunities and people and maybe you’ll learn something new.

Record it

Create a photo album, write a diary or make a scrapbook, ’cause nothing holds memories better than something to look back on.

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